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    18.01.2013 - Taxation presents arguably the most dynamic and complex...
  • VAT/CST Registration

    18.01.2013 -India does not have a classic Value Added Tax (VAT) structure. Instead, separate...
  • Service Tax Registration

    18.01.2013 - Service tax is payable @ 12% of the ‘gross amount’...
  • Company/LLP Registration

    18.01.2013 - Setting up of a Company is a life time decision of an entrepreneur....
  • NGO/Trust Registration

    18.01.2030 -In a rapidly developing country such as India, NGOs....
  • Trade Mark Registration

    18.01.2013 - If you're starting a new business or trade, a logo, name or signature...

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FEMA Certifications

IS-107.13 FEMA Travel Rules and Regulations 2013

Course Date


ourse Description

Fulfilling our mission requires that we are ready to travel at a moment’s notice. Part of being prepared requires that you gain an understanding of Federal travel rules and regulations. This course presents an overview of FEMA rules and regulations on employee travel, including eligible and non-eligible expenses. It is designed to prepare personnel with information on FEMA Travel Rules and Regulations that are required to be followed when working for FEMA. These regulations help facilitate travel, ensure accountability, and meet the unique needs of the disaster workforce while they serve our Nation.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Describe the steps to take before, during and after travelling for FEMA
• Understand terms used to describe Federal Travel, including travel allowance, travel authorization, per diem, and M&IE
• Identify the purpose of the travel allowance
• Describe the types of travel authorizations
• Understand reimbursement procedures for travel vouchers, including eligible expenses and required receipts

Primary Audience

At this time this course is mandatory for all FEMA Reservists every 2 calendar years and strongly suggested for all FEMA employees. (This replaces DF 502 FEMA Travel Rules and Regulations)



Course Length

1.0 hour



IS-35.13 - FEMA Safety Orientation 2013

Course Date

Course Description

Workplace safety is an important concern at FEMA and throughout the Federal government. Workplace safety is everyone’s business. If you get sick or hurt on the job, everyone pays the price—in pain and suffering, in lost work, and in economic costs. When we work together to create a safer place to work, we’re all more productive and satisfied with our jobs. This course is designed to help you understand your safety rights and responsibilities and what you can do to safeguard your own well-being on the job—both in your regular workplace and during deployments.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to give you an orientation to workplace safety. At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

• Identify safety roles and responsibilities in the workplace.
• Identify potential workplace hazards.
• Identify ways to maximize personal safety at your regular workplace and when deployed.
• Identify procedures for responding to emergencies in the workplace.

Primary Audience

All FEMA employees every 3 calendar years. This replaces DF-507 FEMA Safety Orientation.



Course Length

2 hours



Get Certified

Independent and objective evaluation through third-party certification offers validation of that fact. Certification endorses an association with a reputable brand, facilitates organizational recognition by stakeholder, and makes regular audits of preparedness a priority. This process develops disaster awareness within and outside an organization, thereby fostering a heightened sense of security and distinguishing one from competitors. Here are some considerations before pursuing certification:

1. Initial Review
• Define the scope of voluntary certification.
• Determine which preparedness standard is most appropriate for your organization.
• Forecast the allocation of internal resources required.
• Seek executive sponsorship.
• Organize an internal working team of experts.
2. Internal Analysis
• Cross-reference your chosen preparedness standard with internal programs, policies, best practices and existing regulations that will be relevant to certification. Gather supporting documentation.
• Complete a self-assessment with your internal working team of experts.
• Brief the executive sponsor on the results of the self-assessment.
• Develop a project plan and timeline to close any gaps discovered through self-assessment, bringing your entity closer to compliance with the chosen standard.
3. Certification
• Research, interview and select accredited third-party certifiers.
• Review your scope, selection of preparedness standard and process of self-assessment with the certifier.

Once your organization is certified, there will be a periodic reassessment to maintain emergency preparedness and continuity systems. ANAB manages PS-Prep™ certification and administers the process through independent auditors.


ANAB maintains a list of organizations accredited to offer certification for PS-Prep™ standards.

These certification bodies have indicated their intent to become accredited by ANAB to offer certification for PS-Prep™ standards (accessed September 27th 2011):

• Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
• National Quality Assurance, USA
• Orion Registrar, Inc. (in application)
• SRI Quality System Registrar
• British Standards Institution

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As Comcast’s Internet Essentials program to bring affordable broadband to low-income homes gains popularity, the company has been accused of overreaching in its interactions with local communities.